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 How about making your brand better known, recognized and absorbed by consumers before your competitors? Status dedicates all its efforts to manage the brands, and make it strong and consolidated in the market, with innovation, creativity, speed and a team of highly qualified professionals, we deliver results so that the Branding work has a more effective permanence, and gradually increase the value of your brand.


 Better known as “live” marketing or experience marketing, it is an action of interaction and dialogue of the brand with the public. It is the range that covers all actions, events and campaigns that take place live in the relationship of the shopper (consumer) with the brand, product or service. We will offer best practices in logistics planning for live marketing, with emphasis on:

  • Events, fairs and congresses;

  • Promotional actions;

  • Merchandising actions with different types of activations;

  • Brand activations ON and OFF, incentive marketing, internal marketing;

  • Digital actions in social media, applications and other customizations;


 Planning the future of a company is essential. Status provides the best techniques, has highly trained and experienced professionals for an efficient business plan. Ensuring a complete view of the areas for investment, such as possible risks, greater competitors and the number of potential business opportunities, which are just some of the factors that Status identifies and analyzes, ensuring assertiveness and excellence in management of your strengths.


 Using digital marketing to attract new businesses, customers, create relationships and develop a brand identity is paramount for your business and is part of the essence of the Status agency. We are effective in the strategies for promoting your brand on the internet. Having the possibility to extract results in real time, aiming at the opportunity for companies to further strengthen their brands and multiply their business opportunities.


 The visual identity must characterize the concepts and the idea that your company visually represents in the market. We develop expressive visual communication, aiming to directly impact your consumer. Through a good visual identity strategy it is possible to stand out, attracting attention and stimulating consumer contact, fostering a long-term relationship, which translates into sales and loyalty.


 We create differentiated presentations using OFF E DIGITAL to tell and expose ideas about your project. Making your idea more objective, creative and quick. Our presentations impact first, whether in commercial, institutional and event situations or to value all types of content. Status offers a successful experience and presents effective results.


We take care of all stages of your project, always striving to meet the highest level of quality in the chosen processes. We operate in all stages of graphic production, such as creation, selection of materials, applications, costs and monitoring so that the final result proposed in the project is guaranteed during production. We develop products such as: packaging, business cards, labels, banners, OOH, posters, fleet plotting, magazines, and many others.


 We translate the essence of your projects, products and services into diverse audiovisual solutions. Creating, producing, capturing and searching for narratives that connect your audience with the experience you want to provide, always focused on the highest quality standards and the necessary sensitivity for each communication objective.

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